June 10, 2011 Friday

8:30am-2:30pmRegistration and Check in

9:00am-10:15amOpening Remarks 开幕式

Moderator: Mr. Chaoxiang Kong, Chairman, CAST-DC, Vice President, CAST-USA

  • Mr. Yang Zigang, Minister, Chinese Embassy
  • Ms. Melinda Kimble, Senior Vice President, United Nations Foundation
  • Dr. Jose Munoz, Chief Technology Officer, National Science Foundation
  • A representative from Department of Commerce/NOAA
  • Richard Tad Ferris, J.D. Vice Chairman of International Fund for China’s Environment
  • Dr. Tong Fang, President, Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA

10:30am- 12:30pmTechnical Sessions (Concurrent) ) 技术专题讲座

Session 1 US-China Climate Roundtable- Green Financing (Room MC13-121)

美中气候圆桌会议, 主题 : 绿色金融

Moderators: Ms. Barbara Bramble, Senior International Advisor, National Wildlife Federation, and Dr. Ping He, President, IFCE


This is the third roundtable in a series of roundtables to address US-China climate cooperation, coordinated by UN Foundation, International Fund for China’s Environment and National Wildlife Federation.

美中气候圆桌会议是由联合国基金会,国际中国环境基金会和美国野生动物保护联盟联合举办的, 今年已经是第三次。 主题是绿色金融与气候环境。

Roundtable Featured Speakers: 圆桌会议特邀发言成员:

  • Ms. Melinda Kimble, Senior Vice President, United Nations Foundation
  • Mr. Zhihong Zhang, Program Coordinator, Climate Investment Fund, World Bank
  • Mr. Bruce Usher, Professor and Executive-in-Residence, Columbia Business School, Columbia University
  • Mr. Michael Gillenwater, Executive Director and Dean, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute
  • Dr. Ming Yang, Sr. Climate Change Specialist, Global Environment Facility

Session 2 Energy Efficiency and New Energy Technology Technology (Room MC10-100)


Moderator: Dr. Quanhua Liu, Scientist, Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

  • Mr. Ralph Winnie, Jr., Director, Eurasian Business Coalition’s China Program, Eurasia Center, “China's Energy Investment Strategy in Gas Shale”
  • Dr. Tom Lewis, Senior Vice President, Louis Berger Group, Inc., “The Role of Hydrogen Technology as a Clean, Zero Emission Alternative for Solar/Wind Energy Storage, Vehicle/Generator Fuel, and Local Emergency Power”
  • Dr. Julian Wong, Program Officer, International Policy Office, DOE, “The Latest on US-China Cooperation on Renewable Energy”
  • Prof. Mohammad Modarres, Director, Nuclear Engineering Program, University of Maryland, “NuScale Small Modular Reactor: Design and Safety Features”
  • Mr. Steve Oser, Vice President, Pareto Energy, “Microgrids – the ‘Smarter Grid’ for Renewable Energy”
  • Dr. Ning Meng, President, Dongda Technologies, “Low Temperature Ranking Cycle Solar Power System”
  • Dr. Quanhua Liu, Scientist, Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation, “Wind and Solar Energy Resource and Prediction”


Luncheon Speeches s (Room MC13-121) 午餐演讲:

Moderator: Dr. Minyue Lin, Board Director, CAST-DC

  • Messrs. Dhesikan Ananchaperumal, Vice President and George Watt, Vice President, CA Technologies, “Going Green: How to Tap into the Cloud for Greener Computing”
  • Mr. James Bo, President, Business Object Solutions and Mr. Liquan Bo, founder and president of Washington’s Band of Brothers Group (WBBG) “Turning Resources Development into Green Development”

1:30pm-2:45pmKeynote addresses (Room MC13-121) 主题发言

Moderator: Dr. Ping He, President, International Fund for China’s Environment

  • Dr. Terry F. Yosie, President & CEO, World Environment Center, “Building Sustainable Markets to Global Scale”
  • Dr. David McNelis, Director, Center for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economic Development, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, “After Fukushima, is the Nuclear Energy Still in the Low Carbon Puzzle?”
  • Mr. George S. Hawkins, General Manager, District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, “Turns Wastes to Energy, Green Initiatives in DC Water”

2:45pm-5:30pmTechnical Sessions (Concurrent) 技术专题讲座

Session 3 Green IT and Green Governing (Room MC10-100) 绿色IT和绿色政务

Moderator: James Bo, President, Business Object Solutions

  • Dr. William Chang, Head, the East Asia and the Pacific Region, National Science Foundation, “Science and Technology Programs to Support the Nation's Challenges in Energy and Environment”
  • Mr. Ming Zhang, Director, the Secretariat of the General Office of Jiangsu, China, “Green Economics for Sustainable Development”
  • Mr. Bajinder Paul, Deputy Associate Administrator, US General Services Administration, “Cloud Computing: Transformation of Federal IT Management”
  • Mr. Terell Jones, Director of Infrastructure Practice, EcomNets, “Top 10 Green IT Strategies”
  • Dr. Kai Zhang, Chief Technologist, Hewlett-Packard, “Sustainability for Green IT”

Session 4 Environment, Climate and Low Carbon Development (Room MC13-121, 2:45pm-4:15pm) 低炭经济及其发展战略

Moderator: Nora Maccoby, Board Director, International Fund for China’s Environment

  • Mr. Guoshun Sun, First Secretary, Chinese Embassy, “Low Carbon Development Policy in China”
  • Mr. Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group, “US-China Partnership Roadmap to World Sustainability”
  • Mr. David Sklar, President, Star Island, “Low Carbon Success Story: Integrating Renewables”
  • Mr. Fu Yang, Deputy Director, Nanjing Urban and Rural Development Commission, “Low Carbon Development and Green Building in Nanjing City”

Session 5 Environment and Climate (Room MC13-121, 4:15pm-5:45pm) 环境与气候

Moderator: Dr. Guang Guo, Vice President, CAST-USA

  • Dr. Xiaoyang Zhang, Research Scientist, NOAA, “Impacts of Global Climate Change on the Pulse of Our Planet: Plant Seasonality”
  • Dr. Jianjun Xu, Atmospheric Scientist, NOAA, “Uncertainties in the Estimation of Global Warming”
  • Dr. Paul Werbos, Program Director, Office of Emerging Frontiers in Research & Innovation, National Science Foundation “ US-China Cooperation on Electronic/Hybrid Vehicles”
  • Mr. Will Kirksey, PE, Senior Vice President, Worrell Water Technologies, LLC, “The Energy-Water Connection: Decentralized, Ecological Water Systems as an Energy Strategy”
  • Dr. Michael Wang, Vice president and Frank Qiao, Sr. Engineer, Hazen and Sawyer, “Modernizing Water Industry for Low Carbon Future”

6:00pm-8:00pmBanquet (Room MC13-121) 晚宴

Co-hosts: Dr. Yunming Song, President, CAST-NIS

Ms. Nora Maccoby, Board Director, IFCE